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The Broad-Gauge Impact of Section 232 Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

September 23, 2019

Starting in March of 2018, the Trump Administration has deployed tariffs and import quotas on select steel and aluminum products under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, which authorizes these measures to control imports in the cause of national security. The aim has been to protect vital domestic... Read More >>
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Car Alarm: U.S. Auto Exports & The Impact of Shifting Trade Policy

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The Top U.S. Trade Partner is Now Mexico

Mexico, steadily rising in rank to No. 12 among exporting nations, has eclipsed China and Canada to become the U.S.’s leading... Read More >>

Easter Sunday: A Record High First Quarter Chocolate & Candy Imports

Despite some of the most popular confections being produced in the United States, the imports of chocolates and candy still represent... Read More >>

U.S. to End GSP Eligibility for India and Turkey

The Office of the United States Trade Representative announced an end to Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) eligibility for India and... Read More >>

Trade War Reshapes U.S. Import Peak Shipping

Waves of new tariffs lifted U.S. waterborne import peak shipping volumes earlier and higher than ever in 2018, while the promise... Read More >>

Hot Pursuit: Competition for EV Battery Metals Revs Up

A global scramble is on to secure supplies of EV battery metals – the cobalt, graphite and lithium – that go... Read More >>

Truce Called in U.S.-China Trade War

A 90-day truce has been declared in the escalating trade hostilities between the U.S. and China after a sidebar meeting at... Read More >>

U.S. Electronics Imports and Exports: Market Trends and Analysis

As the impact of shifting trade policy on the electronics sector remains to be fully seen, Descartes Datamyne has released it’s... Read More >>

U.S. and Canada’s Ongoing Lumber Dispute

Since 1982, the softwood lumber market has been a hot topic between the United States and Canada. Both countries are heavy... Read More >>