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Dishing it Out: Selling Food Products from the U.S. to Other Countries

October 31, 2018 3:35 PM

Michael Strange's family has been in the ice cream business for generations.  His great-grandfather founded Bassetts Ice Cream Company in Philadelphia in 1861.
The business remained local until the 1970's when Michael's mother took the leap and expanded to the Jersey Shore, New York and even farther afield in Chicago.  Michael had thought about exporting when he took over the company but didn’t take action until he went to a seminar to network with other area food producers.  While there, he met a Chinese businessperson whose friend was interested in importing American ice cream. We have heard that 90 percent of success in life involves just showing up.  Michael is a believer now in that axiom and showing up has a place in his business plan.
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