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Commodities are fungible

May 20, 2018

Here’s the Financial Times, discussing recent trade negotiations with China: They said that after two days of “constructive talks” China had agreed to “significantly increase” its purchases of US goods and services and on the need for “meaningful increases” in US agricultural and energy exports to China. Beijing had agreed, they said, to... Read More >>
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The poor, the sick, the sad, and the lonely: Blaming the victims

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NeoFisherism in Turkey

From the FT: The Turkish lira led a broad drop in emerging market currencies on Tuesday after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed... Read More >>

The economy is doing fine (as it was 16 months ago)

Lars Christensen is now doing videos at Patreon.  Check it out. Also check out my new post at Econlog, where I express... Read More >>

Trumpism in Canada

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The CPI and housing prices

Nine years ago I did a post discussing how the CPI was distorted by mis-measurement of housing prices: Good News! There was... Read More >>

Send in the clowns

Italy’s Five Star Movement was founded by a clown.  Now they have been elected to govern all of Italy.  Here are... Read More >>

Where the FTPL applies

The fiscal theory of the price level does not explain very much in the US.  Inflation often soars much higher during... Read More >>

Was NeoFisherism vindicated?

Rajat directed me to a new post by Stephen Williamson, which suggests that recent events provide support for the NeoFisherian view. ... Read More >>

Beckworth interviews Hamilton

David Beckworth recently interviewed Jim Hamilton on a wide variety of topics, including energy and monetary policy.  At one point they... Read More >>