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Should we accept lower than 2% inflation?

June 26, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Here’s Scott Mather in the Financial Times: Central banks around the world are pivoting toward easier monetary policy. In pursuit of a 2 per cent target for inflation, major central banks seem willing to exhaust their monetary policy ammunition at a time when economic output is at — or... Read More >>
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The next 3 years will definitely be interesting

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Surprising trends in air travel

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Two ways of thinking about the Phillips curve

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Never assume the markets are wrong

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Bubbles are such a useful concept!

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More on Libra and monetary policy

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Will Libra impinge on monetary policy?

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Don’t be biased (It won’t be Trump’s fault)

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Believe whatever you like

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Lindsey Graham has certainly raised some eyebrows since the death of his friend John McCain, by radically shifting... Read More >>