Some of your Questions:


WebPort Global

What is Webport Global?

WebPort Global is an online business collaboration and trade network designed for World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce, professional organizations and businesses seeking growth opportunities.

Users can easily Connect and Collaborate with Trusted peers who share a common focus and complementary commercial interests.  They can also gain valuable Knowledge from a broad range of information sources, Learn from Experts, and access Events on a range of business topics.  The marketplace allows you to source and sell products and services to companies around the globe. is designed specifically to support the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises seeking to expand their commercial reach while managing the risk to their current operations.

WebPort Global’s Strategic Partnerships with global Trade Intelligence providers, Credit and Risk services, Trade Service organizations, and Government agencies, combined with Collaboration and Business Productivity tools, make it a Cost-effective, comprehensive resource for today’s growing businesses.

What are the benefits to members?

Functional Benefits:

  • Increased ease, frequency and depth of communication between and among the businesses and individual users
  • Showcase for products and services
  • Access to and participation inshared-interest groups
  • Access to new connections and business relationships
  • Access to knowledge resources
  • Ability to showcase Experts and expertise
  • Manage and market events
  • Find answers quickly
  • Acquire tools to conduct business transactions
  • Controlled environment for business matchmaking
  • Access to trade research tools and information

General Overview

What are the key functions of WebPort Global?

Connect and Collaborate:
The technology embedded in Connect and Collaborate, allows the community to build a trusted global network and expand their business connections.  Authorized users can easily search for and find others who share business interests, or who have specific expertise.

Public or private Groups can be created to facilitate collaboration on important initiatives with the integration of social tools for both document sharing and discussion tools.

Users can contact each other through the internal mail system, which also extends to your external mail services.

Users can increase business productivity and collaborate easily using the online Workspace, which includes document sharing and storage, project management tools, and an online meeting space that supports voice, video and document sharing.

Authorized users access business knowledge, expertise, events, and news with a single click.  

Learn is the focal area for Knowledge Resources; including reference materials, content on current trade topics, and other presentations, documents, and videos that will help users grow their business expertise and confidence.

Learn provides direct access to Experts and their respective contributions in trade related disciplines.

Events including but not limited to trade expositions, seminars, and education courses are accessible.

Valuable trade relationships start and grow in the Marketplace, an online business hub for Authorized Users.

Authorized users access this trusted network to securely source and sell products and services with others within the WebPort Global community.  Designed as a tool for business acceleration, the Marketplace will help users showcase and grow their business.

Who owns WebPort Global

WebPort Global is wholly owned by WebPort Global, LLC (WPG).

Where is WebPort Global located?

WebPort Global offices and developers are in Boston, MA (USA), Washington, D.C. (USA), Dublin, Ireland, Montevideo, Uruguay and Mexico City, Mexico.

What are the customer support hours for WebPort Global?

WebPort Global Customer Service can be reached from 4:00 AM Eastern Standard Time to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. To access Customer Service, utilize the Concierge link located at the bottom of each page in WebPort Global.


Future Enhancements

Is WebPort Global continuing to enhance the Platform?

Yes, WebPort Global develops and deploys new enhancements and features, many based on user feedback, on a continual basis. General feature updates occur one to two times every month.

I have an idea for a new feature, how do i request it?

At the bottom of the site on each page of WebPort Global, you will find a link to Send WPG Your Feedback.  Submit your ideas here – we look forward to hearing from you!



What type of security features does WebPort Global have?

WebPort Global employs a range of security features and levels of security including state of the art data facilities, secure sign-on, private firewalls, encrypted databases, and abuse reporting, among other things.

Is the data I enter secure?

The solution was developed using standards modeled after the Financial Services Industry.  Data is secured using a range of techniques and tools including secure sign-on, private firewalls, encrypted databases, activity monitoring, secure facilities, among other things.

Where is the information I submit being held? Is that secure?

WebPort Global’s application and data are hosted in a state-of-the-art environment that is physically secure and employs the latest cyber-security tools and techniques.  Even within the facility, the application and encrypted data are stored on different servers to protect your data.  The encrypted data is backed-up regularly and stored offsite.


System Specification

What Browsers can be used with WebPort Global?

WebPort Global will work with any browser. The solution is optimized for use with the following:

What are my system requirements?

In order to access the WPG application you will need a current version of one of the Web Browsers listed above, as well as a current version of Adobe Flash Player for the workspace.  Download Flash Player Here.

Is there any specific computer hardware I need to run WebPort Global?

You only need an active internet connection and a computer with one of the Browsers listed above.

Can I access WebPort Global with a Linux machine?

Yes.  All you need is an active internet connection, a current version of Flash Player for the workspace and access through one of the browsers listed above.

Can I accessWebPort Global through my Mobile Device?

Yes, although not all functions are currently optimized for mobile devices.

Can I access WebPort Global on my Tablet?

Yes, as long as your tablet has a live internet connection, a current version of Flash Player for the workspace, and one of the compatible browsers installed.


Getting Involved

Is WebPort Global Free?

No, there is a subscription cost for access to WebPort Global starting at $29.00 per month. To learn more, visit or contact us at [email protected].

How do I Join WebPort Global?

Visit or contact us at [email protected] to get started today.  WebPort Global is a global community of trusted businesses working together to facilitate international trade.

Why should my company join WebPort Global?

Joining WebPort Global provides your organization with a wide variety of benefits including but not limited to the ability to work in a trusted environment with your peers, use of collaboration tools, and access to a fully functioning marketplace.  Refer to “What are the benefits to Members?” above for further details.

How do I cancel my WebPort Global Account?

Your account can be managed once you have logged into WebPort Global by clicking on Manage Subscription from the dropdown menu that appears when hovering over your login name in the top right of the screen.



What if I lost myOrganizationID?

Contact WebPort Global at [email protected].

What do I do if during registration I can’t find my company?

If no matches were found when searching for your company, please check the spelling and try the search again. If no company appears, this means that you are probably the first user from that company.  If you are joining independently, when prompted for an Organization ID select the checkbox for “Create New Company?” and build a profile for your organization. If you are joining through an inviting organization, please contact your inviting organization and or WebPort Global directly at [email protected].

How do I update my email address or change my password?

You can update your email address and change your password through the Manage Profile link that appears in the dropdown menu when hovering over your name at the top of each page. To change your password click the link in the left margin that says “Change Password”. To change your email address click the “Manage Profile” link and then the “Edit” link in the email address field.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, when you reach input your username into the respective field and click the “forgot password” link directly below the password field. This will reset your password and an email will be sent to you containing a new computer generated password. Don’t forget to change your password once you have logged in!

How do I sign out of WebPort Global?

Click on the arrow below your name in the top right of the screen, scroll down to Logout and click to logout of the site. Closing your browser will also end your logged in session.


User Profile

What is a user profile?

The User Profile is where personal contact and descriptive data are input. The information you provide here drives recommendations throughout the site making it not only easier for you to find relevant information, but also making it easier for other users to find you. In essence, the more complete your user profile is the more WPG can do for you.

How do I edit my User Profile?

To edit your user profile, hover over your name at the top of any page, and select the “Manage Profile” link.  From the User Profile page that loads, select the Manage Profile link from the navigation links on the left. Take note of the two new links that appear at the top of the user profile, User Contact and User Details. Input the desired information into each page and click save.  Please remember that the more information your profile contains, the more effective WebPort Global’s recommendations are to you.


Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

An Organizations’ “Home Page” or ‘Landing page’ is an extension of the Company Profile. Though all organizations within WPG are assigned a Company Profile, Inviting Organizations and content providers manage ‘landing pages’ to maintain their relationship with their constituents and promote relevant News, Knowledge Resources, Experts, Events, and Groups. The landing page is the first thing you see when logging into WebPort Global.

How do I edit my company’s landing page?

All updates and additions to the landing page are performed through the ‘Admin Dashboard’ by the designated Organization administrator.

My Company doesn’t have an Administrator, how can we get one assigned?

Contact your inviting Organization or [email protected] and request administrative access be enabled.

My Company doesn’t have a landing page, how can we get one?

Contact WebPort Global at [email protected]

What is a Concierge?

The Concierge function connects you with the WebPort Global Support staff.


Company Profile

How do I make a connection?

A company profile is a page that displays an organization’s contact information and a brief description of the organization. It also displays the organization’s members and provides you with a means of making direct contact. Unlike landing pages which are only allotted to inviting organizations and content providers, all WebPort Global members will have their own company profile.

How do I edit my company’s profile?

The company profile is edited and updated through the ‘Admin Dashboard’. You must have administrator access in order to make updates. Refer to section IX #3 to learn how to have an administrator assigned to your organization.


Getting Active

What is a Company Profile?

To make a connection, click on the Connect and Collaborate tab and navigate to the “Connections” subpage.  From here you can search for users through the Find People widget on the right hand side of the screen. Once you have found a user you would like to connect with, send a request to connect via the link that says “Connect”. A message will be generated and sent to the user for confirmation. If you are not quite ready to get connected but would like to send a message, utilize the Contact link. This will deliver a direct message to the users’ inbox but will not offer them the option to add you as a Connection.

How do I start a group?

To start a group, click on the Connect and Collaborate tab and navigate to the “Groups” subpage. From here scroll down the page until you see the blue box on the right hand side that says “Start a Group” . Click on the green “Start Group” button and follow the three step process for creating a new group. Once your group has been created you can begin to upload group resources, create discussions within a group forum, and start collaborating effectively.

How do I post blog content?

In order to become an active member of the blog community, please first review the blog post submission guidelines and when you are comfortable you have fulfilled all requirements, submit content to [email protected].   If your organization already publishes a blog, contact [email protected] regarding the possibility of your own space within the community.

What is my inbox and how does it work?

Your WPG Inbox is an internal email system.  From here you can send and receive messages to/from other WebPort Global Users. A notification and the actual text of the message is also sent to the external email address associated with your account. The inbox functions similarly to any other typical email service provider.



What is an Admin Dashboard?

The Admin Dashboard is the place where an organization’s administrator can manage the content and contact details of your organization.  If your organization has a Landing Page, the Admin Dashboard will allow you to update your Landing Page, add content, and feature components for the WebPort Global community.



How do I upload news, resources, experts, and events?

News, Knowledge Resources, Events, and Experts are all managed through the Admin Dashboard by your organization’s Administrator. Users can submit content requests and recommendations to their respective administrator directly, or use the Suggest a Resource, Suggest an Expert, and Suggest an Event buttons on the right hand margin of their respective Learn subpages.

How do I access news, resources, experts, and events?

News, Knowledge Resources, Experts, and Events can always be accessed through the Learn tab. It is also possible to access a particular organization’s Featured News, Knowledge Resources, Experts, and Events through their individual landing page.

How do I suggest a Knowledge Resource, Expert, or Event to be featured on WebPort Global?

Within each of the sub navigation pages under the Learn Tab, there is a section on the right hand margin for suggesting a Knowledge Resource, Expert, or Event. Simply click on the link, fill out the form within the light box that appears and click send.



What is an Expert?

An Expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. Members that are indicated as experts are available to share their expertise with the entire WPG Community.

How do I find an Expert?

To find an Expert, click on the Learn tab and navigate to the Experts subpage. From here you can view both new and recommended Experts, and also search for an Expert directly. Once you have found the Expert you’re looking for you can contact them directly; don’t forget to add them to your “My Experts” section.

How do I become an Expert?

Experts are designated by the administrator of their organization. If you have a particular skill or expertise that you would like to share, contact your administrator to learn about the privledges and responsibilities of becoming an Expert.



How do I recommend a Company to one of my Connections?

On each company’s landing page, there is a link below the company logo that says “Recommend Us” Simply click on this link, select the connections you wish to recommend to and input a message if you so desire. Clicking Send generates a message to those Users’ internal inboxes notifying them of your recommendation.

How do I Recommend a Resource, Expert, Event, or News article to one of my connections?

Currently you can only recommend a Resource, Expert or Event, to WPG for publication within the environment. This is done by clicking the Learn tab and on each respective subpage.  There will be a button on the right side of the page to make a suggestion for that section.

How are Recommendations generated for me?

Recommendations are generated through the keywords and User Details you input into your Personal Profile.  As a result, the more complete you Profile information is, the more effectively the system can make appropriate recommendations to you.



How do I create a listing in the Marketplace?

To create a listing in the Marketplace you simply click the subpage link within the Marketplace Tab that says “Create New Listing” and fill out the required form accordingly. Anyone can create a listing to buy goods and services, but only Authorized Sellers can create a listing to sell goods or services.

How do I respond to a listing in the Marketplace?

Within the marketplace, clicking links for “Respond” or Inquire will open a lightbox where you can submit your inquiry and respond to the listing.

How do I become an Authorized Seller in the Marketplace?

If you go to Create a Listing and you are unable to make a listing to SELL your product or service, this means that your company’s Administrator has not yet marked you as a SELLER within WebPort Global.  Contact your Organization’s Administrator to update your status or contact WebPort Global at [email protected].

A user of WebPort Global did not conduct business the way they should or is not behaving appropriately within the environment. What should I do?

Notify WebPort Global at [email protected] or utilize the Report Abuse link that can be found on many pages of the environment.



What is the Workspace for?

The Workspace can be thought of as your own virtual office. It contains cloud based document storage, a robust project planning and tracking tool, and a virtual meeting space with Skype integration built in.

How do I get into the Workspace?

To access the Workspace simply click on the Connect and Collaborate tab and then the subpage link that says “Workspace”. The Workspace will open in a new window. Please note you must have Flash installed on your machine to access the workspace.

How do I get out of the Workspace?

To exit the Workspace, close that browser window

How do I use the Workspace?

There are a number of user friendly video tutorials in the help and tutorials section of the Workspace. This can be accessed through the “Help and Tutorials” link on the left side of the What’s New tab, or through the “Help Area” workbox under the Documents tab.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can upload into the Workspace?

Currently, there is no limit to the amount of data an individual user can input into the Workspace, however, should this change, advanced notification will be sent to all WebPort Global users.

I accidently uploaded the wrong file to the Workspace, how can I access a previous version?

To access previous versions of a particular file, simply expand the Workbox to the right using the white arrow in the bottom right hand corner.  This will reveal the hidden columns’ comments and history.  From there, click on the button that says history for the particular file you wish to access a past version of.  Now you can preview and download each unique rendition of the document.



I keep hearing a product called Skype is integrated into the site, what is Skype?

Skype is software that enables the world's conversations through video and voice calls and instant messages. Skype communications within the internet are free.  To learn more about what Skype has to offer, please visit their website at We have integrated the Skype functionality into WebPort Global as a convenience for our Users.  WebPort Global has no financial relationship with Skype.

How do I get a Skype account?

Registering for a Skype account is easy to do, and free. Just visit the Skype website:

I’m having trouble accessing my Skype account, can you help?

If you are having trouble accessing your Skype account, please follow this link to the Skype Support Desk.


Web Site Malfunction

What do I do if WebPort Global won’t load and the Homepage is blank?

First, check to see if you have an internet connection by trying to load another webpage.  If you have an internet connection but are still unable to connect to any part of the WebPort Global site, contact your local administrator, and please send an email to [email protected]

What do I do if I receive an error message?

If you receive an error message, please immediately report the issue to WebPort Global Support:  [email protected].  In reporting the issue, if possible, please attempt to recount the steps taken prior to receiving the error. Screenshots are also recommended when reporting an issue.

How do I report behavior that I believe to be in conflict with WebPort Global terms of use?

Contact your local administrator and report the issue to WebPort Global Support via [email protected] or by utilizing the Concierge link at the bottom of any page.     

How do I give WebPort Global Feedback?

WebPort Global is always interested in feedback and suggestions from our Users.  The most effective method to provide feedback is by using the “Send WPG Your Feedback” link in the bottom right hand corner of each page or by sending a direct message to one of the WebPort Global staff members directly.