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More Tariff Talk

France intends to tax big U.S. tech companies with operations in the country. The justification is that these are new business models that generate otherwise untaxed revenue from French ... read more

The Money Illusion

Time for the Fed to join the computer age

When I was young, you’d still see stock prices such as 47 1/4 and 38 5/8. That was a throwback to the pre-computer age, when prices were calculated as a fraction of a dollar. Now everything ... read more


New Strategic Partnership with Georgetown Unive...

About the Authors: Vincent Tran, an international trade specialist, and Yuki Fujiyama, a trade finance specialist, are staff members of the Office of Finance and Insurance Industriesin the ... read more


The Top U.S. Trade Partner is Now Mexico

Mexico, steadily rising in rank to No. 12 among exporting nations, has eclipsed China and Canada to become the U.S.’s leading trade partner.   Mexico is now the top U.S. trade partner, ranked ... read more