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The Money Illusion

Bad news for Dems

In 2015, the UK Conservatives did better than predicted by the polls. In 2016, Brexit did better than expected. At the time, I did a post pointing out that the surprise Brexit vote was bad news ... read more


New Mexico Exporter Brings Clean Water to World...

This blog post originally appeared on Thomas.   Curt Cultice is a Senior Communications Specialist for the International Trade Administration. Growing up in Waco, Texas, Stan Lueck always had a ... read more

International Trade and Global Business

Pull the Rug from Under Trademark Sitters

Trademark sitting is the act of registering a trademark belonging to someone else for the purpose of selling it to the holder if and when they decide to enter the country where the sitter ... read more


Easter Sunday: A Record High First Quarter Cho...

Despite some of the most popular confections being produced in the United States, the imports of chocolates and candy still represent nearly $9 billion in value annually. For confection imports as ... read more