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The Money Illusion

Misconceptions about corporate welfare

There are many distortions in the US economy.  As a result, a decision by a corporation to move to a new area often has important spillover benefits.  Indeed this is also true of many individuals. ... read more


New Interactive Market Diversification Tool Ide...

Jean Janicke is Director of ITA’s Office of Trade Negotiations & Analysis U.S. companies produce some of the most innovative and high-quality products in the world.  But how does a company ... read more

International Trade and Global Business

Dishing it Out: Selling Food Products from the ...

Michael Strange's family has been in the ice cream business for generations.  His great-grandfather founded Bassetts Ice Cream Company in Philadelphia in 1861.   The business ... read more


Web Seminar: Top Supply Chain Disruptions and H...

Join us for a Web Seminar, October 25, 2pm ET When major disruptions occur, some supply chains break down and take a long time to recover. From tariffs, to trade policy shifts, to natural ... read more