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Hot Pursuit: Competition for EV Battery Metals ...

A global scramble is on to secure supplies of EV battery metals – the cobalt, graphite and lithium – that go into the batteries that make electric vehicles go.   The global market’s growing ... read more

International Trade and Global Business

Trade Documentation: The Shift from Papers to ...

One of the biggest costs of and impediments to more cross-border trade is the paperwork needs of the freight forward and customs broker industry.  One problem is a lot of shipments are big ... read more

The Money Illusion

Are recessions about employment?

I’d say yes, but Nick Rowe disagrees.  He recently tweeted an old post from 2015, which ends as follows: Recessions are not about output and employment and saving and investment and ... read more


NOTICE: Due to a lapse in appropriations…

NOTICE: Due to a lapse in appropriations, this account will not be updated until a new appropriations act is enacted. Learn more: ... read more

Ireland Trade and Trends

Which Trade Finance Solution is made for you?

Seeking international growth by going global as an importer/exporter offers a multitude of opportunities, but also may have potential difficulties. Trading overseas also involves political ... read more