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#WPGSuccessStory - Love Mo Chuisle

#WPGSuccessStory - Love Mo Chuisle
Love Mo Chuisle, the Gaelic name for “my darlings,” is an Irish Clothing company that was founded by Anna Dobson in November 2017. Love Mo Chuisle (pronounced Love Ma Choo sa-la) focuses on the color palette of mustard, bright blue, raspberry, autumn green, grey and navy tweeds that are representative of the Ireland landscape.

The founder of the company, Anna Dobson, prides herself on crafting an untapped market of both children and adult tweed creations with matching accessories. Each piece of clothing is designed and handmade with Irish Tweed. Love Mo Chuisle has worked to position itself with a different edge in the fashion market in Ireland.

After starting the business, Anna found it challenging to get in contact with the right distributors to grow her brand. That’s when she contacted WebPort Global to help here solve these issues.  She subscribed to the WebPort Global platform in 2018 to utilize its business development tools for SMEs. Ever since, WPG has established a place for Anna to connect to companies that she previously struggled getting in contact with.

Anna’s trade objective was to sell her products wholesale to retail outlets internationally. She came to WebPort Global to receive support in establishing her brand as an Irish handmade quality product and to gain brand loyalty with new customers. Her initial goal was to target retail outlets through the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland that stock high end clothing.

With access to information and monthly reports that WPG provided for Love Mo Chuisle, Anna was able to network with the right companies and find her way into the door of a larger market she did not think was possible as a small business. In addition to her use of the platform at her own perusal, WPG created lead reports for Anna that included events and contact leads that were all acquired through market research based on their compatibility with Love Mo Chuisle.

WebPort Global’s main focus with Love Mo Chuisle was giving Anna a support mechanism for her company to become prepared for a larger wholesale selection and gain media attention through strategic promotion on WPG’s social media platforms.

Anna just launched her Love Mo Chuisle online store where consumers can directly purchase her products. In the future, Anna hopes to open her own store for Love Mo Chuisle to expand her customer base in Ireland by continuing to network and receive support from businesses on the WebPort Global platform.

Learn more about this #WPGSuccessStory, watch here (!

Love Mo Chuisle Website

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